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What is the Company's common stock ticker symbol?
MillerKnoll, Inc., common stock is traded on the NASDAQ-Global Select Market System (Symbol: MLKN).
Who is the Company's common stock transfer agent?
Computershare PO Box 43021 Providence RI 02940 Phone: 866-768-5723 website:
Can I buy MillerKnoll stock directly through the Company?
A minimum of one (1) registered share must be currently owned to participate in the Computershare Investment Plan, a dividend reinvestment plan for MillerKnoll, Inc., Common Stock. This plan, sponsored and administered by Computershare, has a direct purchase feature. Details can be found on Computershare's website.
I have questions concerning my MillerKnoll, Inc., common stock. Who can help me?
Questions from shareholders should be directed to: Computershare PO Box 43021 Providence RI 02940 Phone: 866-768-5723 website: Computershare can address questions concerning address changes, stock transfer requests, lost certificates, dividend checks, and 1099 forms. For other inquiries, you can contact our Investor Relations department directly at 616 654 5397 or via email at
Where can I find historical dividend information?
Historical dividend data can be found on our Dividends History page.
Where can I find historical stock price information?
Historical stock price information can be found on our Stock Price History page.
Can I view a summary of historical stock splits?

Yes, please refer to the table below for this information:

Payment Date Split Factor
3/16/98 2 for 1
4/15/97 2 for 1
8/30/85 3 for 2
8/16/83 2 for 1
10/30/81 2 for 1
11/26/79 5 for 4
11/23/77 5 for 4
11/22/76 5 for 4
Who serves as the Company's independent auditor?
How is the Company's fiscal year structured?

The Company's fiscal year ends on the Saturday closest to May 31. Fiscal years generally include 52 weeks of operations. However, an extra week of operations is required in the Company's reporting calendar approximately every six years in order to realign the fiscal calendar-end dates with the actual calendar months.

The Company's quarterly reporting periods for fiscal years 2020, 2021 and 2022 are as follows:

1st Quarter Fiscal 2020: August 31, 2019
2nd Quarter Fiscal 2020: November 30, 2019
3rd Quarter Fiscal 2020: February 29, 2020
4th Quarter Fiscal 2020: May 30, 2020

1st Quarter Fiscal 2021: August 29, 2020
2nd Quarter Fiscal 2021: November 28, 2020
3rd Quarter Fiscal 2021: February 27, 2021
4th Quarter Fiscal 2021: May 29, 2021

1st Quarter Fiscal 2022: August 28, 2021
2nd Quarter Fiscal 2022: November 27, 2021
3rd Quarter Fiscal 2022: February 26, 2022
4th Quarter Fiscal 2022: May 28, 2022

When does the Company announce financial results?
Financial results for the first three fiscal quarters of the year are typically announced via formal press release within 18 calendar days of quarter-end. Fourth quarter financial results are generally announced within 25 calendar days. The Company hosts a conference call presentation to discuss the results of the period on the morning following these news releases.
Do you have a question that was not addressed by these FAQ's?
Please contact our Investor Relations department directly at 616 654 5397 or via email at